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Reach a bigger audience

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Accessibility and w3c web standards form the cornerstones of sites designed by Colin Miller.
These fundamentals mean your website will reach the biggest possible audience and never let you down.

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My approach

w3c standards, web accessibility and SEO are the foundations upon which I build my high quality web design services. From discovery and analysis to deployment — it's your needs, your target market, that drive the design process — my skills and experience providing the solution.

Find out more about the effectiveness of my approach.

Design portfolio

Ready to see w3c standards compliant websites in action? See what I've achieved for companies like Volkswagen, Heinz, T-Mobile, Channel 4… I could be working on your design next, so please visit my design portfolio to see what we could achieve.


w3c web standards

All sites created by Colin Miller are w3c web standards compliant.
This ensures all your visitors see your website in exactly the same
way regardless of the technology they're using. W3C-compliance
also improves SEO through clean code that search engines can
better interpret.

HTML code is separated from styling through external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) making any future site-wide changes quicker and easier.

Being an industry standard, having a valid w3c website means your website is more future proof and will keep-up with technological advances — saving even more time and money.

w3c web standards compliance is the first step in SEO and accessibility.

Search Engine Optimisation

No need to tell you that SEO is vital for the success of every online business. Your website needs to reach potential customers.

SEO is much more than manipulating keywords or tweaking meta data. Other factors search engines consider to rank your site are:

  • Context and Relevance
  • Popularity and Freshness
  • Usability
  • Honesty and Reputation
  • Preferences

Search engines look at these factors in an attempt to deliver what real people want. A site designed by Colin Miller will deliver:

  • Increased conversions not just hits — your website is not hindered by SEO considerations
  • Reduced abandonment rates — targeted SEO, usability, professional copywriting and stunning design engage visitors
  • Refined SEO strategy — each page is tuned to its content, directing visitors to more relevant parts of your site
  • Avoid ranking penalties and bans that artificial methods incur

Having a w3c web standards compliant website that is accessible to both search engines and people is the first step in successful SEO.

Web accessibility

Web accessibility is all about enabling more people to visit and use your site. Making your site accessible will open up valuable audiences, increase traffic, improve SEO, reduce maintenance costs and improve your image.

The advantages of making your site accessible

Making your site accessible will:

  • Maximise your site's ranking with search engines
  • Maximise your content's potential audience
  • Ensure compatibility with new technology
  • Ensure it's ready for the future of the web
  • Minimise maintenance costs
  • Avoid discriminating against those with accessibility issues
  • Increase the usability of your site by everyone
  • Improve your image as someone who cares for their customers

With all these benefits why wouldn't you make your site accessible? It's why your Colin Miller design will be accessible.

New technology = new opportunities

People are increasingly accessing the internet in new ways. Non-traditional devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and WebTV are a rapidly growing market that forms a big part of the web's future.

Your site must also function in technology designed for those with accessibility issues, such as screen readers, text-only browsers (e.g. Lynx) and screen magnifiers. People with accessibility issues (visual impairment, reduced mobility…) don't want special treatment, just inclusion. They are valuable potential customers you really shouldn't be overlooking.

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